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Biblical Resources for the everyday girl

Hi friends! I wanted to make a post and share what my favorite Biblical Resources are! I love the Bible and I want to share what has helped me in my quiet time! 

  • The first thing you need for your quiet time is your Bible of course! The Bible is living and active, and it is our weapon. I love Journaling Bibles because there is space in the margins to take notes! 
  • Pens and highlighter: I love mildliner pens. They act as a pen and a highlighter! I’ve noticed so far that they don’t smear! They are my FAVES! Linked below
  • A nice journal! I love journaling and writing my thoughts to the Lord. My journal(s) hold deep conversations with the Lord and Bible annotations. 
  • Devotionals from “The Daily Grace Co.” DGC has $5 and $10 sales all the time! I like to wait till they have sales then I’ll order a few at a time. Linked below
  • COFFEE of course! My husband and I love Edison Coffee Co. They’re based in Dallas, TX. We order their beans all the time! Linked below

  • My favorite Bible Commentary is Enduring Word Commentary. It is a free website for your personal use! I love the layout of the website, it’s clean and easy to navigate! Linked below

Here is a reminder: 

You don’t need the perfect set up to spend time with God. He just needs your heart, and that is enough for him! 

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